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yuletide past:
Nowhere Special by kormantic
Blazing Saddles | Bart/Jim | pg | 548 words
note: I never knew I wanted this until I was reading it. ♥

yuletide present:
está muerto; no está muerto by anon
The Losers | gen | ensemble | pg | 1070 words
note: my Yuletide gift. short, awesome, unapologetic badassery: it's *exactly* what I wanted.

just because:
Yadda Yadda by museofspeed
DC/Marvel | Nightwing/Deadpool | nc-17 | 1103 words
note: Dick and Wade have a really chatty fight. so fucking IC it kills me. if this doesn't make you laugh your sense of humor has probably been surgically removed.
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-Young Justice re-read, day one. I'm going to be doing this over on my tumblr possibly for the rest of the summer. I'm also doing Ace's cover arc. that's One Piece, for the uninitiated, pfffft.

-I want to do Steph/Damian and Bruce/Jason themed tumblr weeks. SHARE YOUR FAVORITE LINKS FOR THESE AWESOME SHIPS WITH ME SO I CAN SHARE THEM WITH EVERYONE ELSE. these shiny things do not get enough exposure. therefore I will expose them. explicitly. =P

-I am procrastinating ridiculous amounts over one last scene in my Prodigal sequel. it's a porn scene. of course. you know, one of these days I'm just going to stop writing porn at all. I don't enjoy reading or writing it anymore. anyway, tell me to get off my butt and get it done, guys. I want to finish the stupid thing before teh Reboot comes around.

-the smoldering One Piece torch I've been carrying around for almost three years (might as well call it Ace) finally burst into flame again. this weekend alone I think I spent around six hundred bucks on POP and doujinshi. it was awesome. also, Strong World Ace? holy shit. mine just shipped this morning.

-I am also (dun dun dun, go *away* Klarion) working on The Rock again for the first time in three years. it's AU from manga 516, but I edited the crap out of it last weekend, bringing it more up to date with canon backstory and characterization, and I'm pretty much rewriting what I had for the next part from scratch. I know where I'm going with it, I know the end. and it's going to be longer than I predicted. also, more gen than ship fic. I guess I should have expected that. I am the queen of the rewrite. oy.

-I am back into my size six jeans. this makes me feel happier. lighter. floaty. something like that.

anyway, for those of you who don't tumble, have a few scans from YJ 1. remember when Tim was cute and funny and dorky instead of a kind of dickish Marty Stu? remember when Kon had a personality? REMEMBER WHEN BART WAS IMPULSE? you don't? well, I do. )
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The good: It looks like Dick and Jay are each getting their own title.

The bad: Putting Babs back in the mask is one of the dumbest things DC has done to date, and not just because Steph does not deserve this shit.

The ugly: If there's something worse than Judd Winick getting his hands on Selina Kyle, I can't think of it at the moment.

So. Mixed feelings about so much. I'm not going to stop buying Bat comics: I *can't*. And I don't think the reboot is going to make me *completely* unhappy. But there's so much that *is* going to make me unhappy, that I just...

I don't know. I don't know how to feel about any of it, really.
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Yesterday I found a VF copy of Birds of Prey 8 for $10. Yeah, still kind of floored by that...

Anyway, in honor of that rather surprising find, more scans, Nightwing this time. This is Dick being... Dick. Which is always awesome and quite often amusing, if not for the people who love him. )
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In the name of spring cleaning, I edited my subscriptions list this morning. Dropped Batman Inc. because I just couldn't take it anymore. And the Lanterns are off until the newest event is over. Same with Flash, which is rolling over into Flashpoint. I'm getting some of the Flashpoint spinoffs (like the Flying Graysons one) and I'll buy the trades later if they look good, but for now I am really, really tired of comics crises.

So my list is nice and streamlined. Well... not really. It's pretty long. Lots of DC titles. Only one Marvel presently, but I'm thinking of branching out. More Amadeus Cho, Marvel, and I'll start buying.

I'm curious, which comics do you read? You, as in those of you populating my small corner of the world. Yeah, we're all comics fans, but how many comics do you as an individual comics reader (as opposed to a fandom unit) actually read in a month? Do you keep up by subscription? Do you walk into a store and buy on a regular basis or sporadically? Or do you just wait for the trades to come out?

Or do you read any at all? And if not, why the hell are you in comics fandom? If you want to tell me, I'd love to know. My list is here. Feel free to share yours. )
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-yet another vanishing act. just call me annataz gnikcaerf.

-still alive. I guess. sort of. this is apparently not my year for good health.

-still reading comics. atm that's about all I'm doing. well, that and bitching about comics, but you know, goes without saying, although I'll say it anyway, amongst a lot of other things.

-like, I was right about Nicieza: he's making me dislike Tim Drake. I want him to go away. back to Marvel or something, I don't care as long as he gets off the Red Robin title.

-but Bryan Q. Miller can keep writing Batgirl until the cows come home or hell freezes over, whichever one comes last. dude, that guy? loves Steph at least as much as I do. ♥

-RtD sequel (working title In Winter) is in a holding pattern until my body stops giving me hell. still writing, but sporadically. my discipline is shot, along with my sleep schedule.

-War of the Green Lanterns. ugh. can we just *stop* with the events? I mean Flashpoint is coming up, and yeah, parts of it look cool, but I'm really, *really* tired of comics events. I just want some straight up in-title continuity. stories that belong in the titles I read; that's why I *buy* the damn things.

-which is why 'Tec Comics is presently making me happy. Jason is the brother of my heart and Bruce is my male alter ego, but Dick? ah god, Dick is my love, my adored one, my preciousssss, and Detective Comics is all about Dick, and also it's still got the heart and soul of Batman in it, the Gotham *detective* part that makes Batman Batman. all the other Bat titles have really lost the old feel. the essence of Batman has become so watered down thanks to Daniel and Morrison, and I think the editors have lost their grip on what *counts* in the main Bat titles. so thank god for Scott Snyder, and whoever gave him Detective. really, if you're not reading it, you're missing out. he's going to be working Gates of Gotham as well, and I've heard he's interested in writing Jay. jesus please yes.
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So, I kind of loathe Judd Winick.

That feeling I had last year, the one that made my chest expand forty sizes and ache and hurt so good because I'd finally sidled back into the DCU and learned Jason was alive? Gone. Possibly for good.

Not only is Winick going to screw Jason up worse than he already has, he's going to make of mess of Damian and Dick. Fucking excellent.

Again, why do I read DC? *scuttles over to Marvel*
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I’ve never been able to look at Roy Harper and not see DC’s wasted opportunity to give the role of Green Arrow’s sidekick/ward to an American Indian, as well as the appropriation of Navajo culture. Bad enough that the few visible American Indian characters in various media are exoticized, fetishized, and cliched; using Navajo culture for the purpose of providing a white boy a reason to be good with a bow and arrows (and of *course* he’s better than the Navajo kids) turns my stomach.

And yeah, I know that at the time Roy Harper was introduced, the likelihood of him not being white was pretty much nil, but you know, that’s where the appropriation thing kicks in and gets my back up. It’s skewed my view of the character, and maybe that’s not fair, but it’s an old, tired strain I’m sick of listening to, and I don’t have to be fair.

Roy Harper leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Always has, always will.
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batman and robin 20
srs bznz: Tomasi can't write Damian for shit. Also, that's not Jim Gordon.
fandom: Batfamily movie night! Now with Bruce forcefeeding his kids Zorro!
me: It's not family night if Jay's not there.

red robin 20
srs bznz: Catman is supposed to be Red Robin's challenge du jour? Really?
fandom: Tim/Kon/Bart/Cassie four-way, yay! (Not really, but that's fandom for you.)
me: Marcus To needs to draw Steph forever and ever and ever, amen.

'tec comics 874
srs bznz: Unlike Tomasi, Snyder *can* write Jim Gordon. Hell, he can write, period. If you're not reading this title, you really ought to be: it and Batgirl are presently the best Bat books available.
fandom: Dude, that orca is one huuuuuge Freudian implication.
me: Dick and Tim. Shooting their grapples. In sync. BATMAN AND ROBIN, THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE OH YES.

superman/batman 81
srs bznz: ...I don't think this title even counts.
fandom: Magic! Batman!
me: Why does Bruce look like a cross between a BDSM dom and an executioner? And what the hell happened to his chin?

power girl 21
srs bznz: With Bruce around to help keep Karen from forgetting, we're finally getting somewhere. Dare we hope this whole Lord business might be wrapping up sometime in the near future, or is the Brightest Day phenomenon fated to keep dragging on and on and-
me: Batman(Bruce)/Powergirl/Batman(Dick), y/y? (Hey, *I* ship it. *g*)
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I have a real problem with stories that attempt to make Bruce and Clark "omg, bffs from the cradle!" It's just too much, even for comics. And I say that as someone who owns (partially via my dad) all Batman and Detective comics from 1951 through 1989: there are some pretty ridiculous story lines in there.

This is why the Superman/Batman title sometimes makes me gag. Because sheesh.
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I'm not usually a Bruce/Dick shipper, but BTAS -- the DCAU in general -- has a way of raising my non-ships from the bottom of the ocean and making them seaworthy. I'll give you three guesses why and the first two don't count; if you don't already know how I feel about Kevin Conroy, you haven't been paying attention to this journal.

Sins of the Father is one of the best animated episodes of anything, ever: it's Tim's intro into the DCAU and a great story in general. But for all that it's Tim's story, it's also an important tripwire on the Bruce/Dick obstacle course of pain. Because everything important about Bruce and Dick's relationship is encapsulated into a few tiny seconds at the very end of the episode, the success of which feat lands almost completely on Kevin Conroy.

Because Kevin? Has the Voice.

I don't know how he does it, but his inflections are rich enough to write into one word, one *name* an entire dissertation on twisted, tortured, fucked up love. All he says is, "Dick." And dear god, it's all he *needs* to say. Every time I want to get a handle on Bruce and Dick, I go back and watch, listen to that little bubble of sound and freaking die. Nnnnnngh.
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detective comics 872
Jock's sketchy faces worked for Losers. They don't work for Dick Grayson and Babs Gordon, to say nothing of Tim Drake. Get a new artist pronto, DC, because seriously, no. Which sucks, because I am really liking Snyder's writing. He knows his readers, knows we want the Gotham detective, not this incorporated bs, and he's giving us what we want: Gotham crime-solving with Batfamily/Gordon interaction. ♥

teen titans 90
The ratio here is equal: bad/bad. TTs has never been more of a soap opera, and someone thinks it's a good idea to stick Rose and Damian together: what. Artwise, Scott's faces are too generic whitebread good-looking. She makes Kon look like a dumb but pretty jock, and for some reason, Cassie doesn't look quite right to me either. The only one she does really well is Bart, but then Bart has *always* been a pretty pretty princess, so her art suits him. The rest.... meh. Really close to dropping this title. -__-

the dark knight 1
Oh god, here we go with another "Bruce's lost loves, take five hundred and sixty three" story, and this one's been possibly sexually abused by her father, and definitely raped by Killer Croc. Fucking awesome. Not. Doesn't help that Williams' style is a lot like Jim Lee's: all the way through the issue I kept thinking, "Hey, ho, meet the new ASBAR." Ick. -__-

spidergirl 2


Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Seriously, I could stare at her in costume all *day* and not get tired of her character design. But I have to say, I'm really not happy that they're going the "Induce Torment Via Death of Parent" route with my girl. That just sucks, and you know, My Parents Are Dead? So last fifty years. Dudes, Bruce has you guys covered, you don't need to do that to anyone else. It's too early in the series to make any lasting judgments, so I'm going to hold off for a while. But really not happy about the dead father thing. o_O

Tangentially related in a comics way: does anyone know where Amadeus Cho is hiding his incredibly awesome self these days? I lost track of him after PoP, and I *need* some Cho bad.
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I am feeling postful this week, which I suppose could be attributed to input, aka I'm actually reading things on the intarwebz. Things like S_D posts, this one in particular.

I was pretty meh about the choices presented, which got me thinking, well, what makes a moment memorable? It's very subjective. It's all about personal experience and preference.

Memorability has, for me, very little to do with dramatic effect or world-bending events. Humor and irony are my impact zones, and my memorable comics moments are those in which my favorite characters do things that make me think, YES THIS HOMG, and then laugh my butt off.

Which is why this is my current most memorable moment for a female DCU character. Well, that and pretty much every Anger Girl moment ever. *grin*

What's yours?
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red robin 17
I see Cass Cain in an awesome new suit that suits her better than the Batgirl suit (though I still adore her as Batgirl), kicking butt with Tim Drake and giving me hope for future Cass in the Bat titles even if it won't be as Batgirl.

I also see two men -- a father and a son, if you like -- who love each other a whole hell of a lot even if they suck at expressing it, hugging after being separated for a year during which one of them was lost in the time stream and the other was desperately searching for a way to prove guy number one wasn't dead.

Fandom sees Cass Cain rejecting the Bat symbol. It sees Bruce Wayne's crotch saying hello to Tim Drake's crotch. Yes, darlings, those are two men embracing their emotions and each other, front to front, and they both have crotches. Believe me, it happens all the time.


green lantern 58, green lantern corps 52, emerald warriors 3
I see Carol Ferris being awesome and getting a life and pwning Hal Jordan's face; I see a young black girl saved from yet another tasteless, pointless potential rape scene by her own inner strength; I see Soranik Natu using constructs shaped like her physician's instruments to rescue a fascinating, endangered deep space creature from space poachers; I see Bleez (one of my fave Red Lanterns) joining the Arisia/Killowog/Gardner team-up of AWESOME, thereby making it even more awesome.

I also see three white-guy Lanterns (Jordan, Gardner and Rayner) with their own titles, and no sign of John Stewart, even though lip service has been paid to him sharing the main title with Hal. Right. Johns can kiss my ass, Jordan can drop dead again, and they can give the main title to Stewart, because he pwns both their pasty white asses. *grumble*

Fandom sees Jordan's, Gardner's and Rayner's manpain, and, apparently, tits.

superboy 1
Oh wow, I am blind to everything but Kon's awesomeness and my hopes for this promising new title. Also, Kon's friend who teaches frogs to OBEY HIS EVERY COMMAND and knows Kon is Superboy? ♥♥♥ Damn, I love science geeks, and I sense another new friendship coming on. Because I think Bart Allen and Simon Valentine together in the same vicinity would rock like a rocking thing. Kon needs to introduce them.

I also see what I consider to be a kind of cool continuity between Superboy and Robin's first teamup against Ivy and Metallo, and having Kon's first adventure in his new title involve Ivy. It feels like we've come back around, and for me, it's a good feeling.

No real idea what fandom sees (not enough feedback yet) but I'm betting the slashers see a depressing lack of Tim Drake as well as Kon and said science geek friend trapped in plant tentacles. As I said, not sure, but I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Hmn, I need a Kon icon. Brb, digging through image files.
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Teen Titans #88 Dick could get so tired of Damian that he dumps him in the TTs laps and says, "Here, have fun, we don't accept returns, and by the way I'm totally taking Tim back as my Robin, even if it's kind of going to be a battle of the cowls."

Red Hood Lost Days #6 (final one, thank god) Talia could totally lie to Jay and imply that Ra's is dead and Bruce had something to do with it, then tell him to go punish Bruce for both of them, then fuck him. And Jay could be that hormonal and needy stupid. Winick, yeah, he totally would be that stupid because he thinks he's Jay, and I'm pretty sure he's got a hardon for Talia, but Jesus.

But you know, I figure they fucked each other because neither of them could fuck Bruce, and they both thought about him the whole time. Which makes it all better in my head. Yes, I am that messed up.

DC, how much do I loathe you? And why can't I quit you? Again, even. D: D:
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-It's October. Why do I feel like I have a summer cold? In other news, my sinuses just exploded. Ew.

-Remember this, from way back in May? )

Anyway, I signed up for [ profile] apocabigbang. I'm doomed.
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-recent LJ writer's block question:
What's the one question you would like to ask if the answer were guaranteed to be correct?

I'd ask Bill Kane what the hell he was thinking when he put Dick in the short shorts. yeah, I already know all the official answers and unofficial speculation. but I'd love to know the truth, even if it was just a blank look and "It seemed like a good idea at the time?"

-Jay (esp. pre-Crisis) is my favorite Robin, but I write him rarely, possibly because the more something or someone means to me, the less likely I am to mess with it. so it makes me unbelievably happy that my RtD sequel revolves around pre-Crisis him. ♥

-California is just now getting the summer we didn't have in July and August. my brain is heat-melted sludge: if I seem even more uncommunicative than normal, that's why.

-when my brain is sludge, I watch 'toons. currently, I'm rewatching Gundam Wing from the beginning, and gulping down those Batman: the Brave and the Bold eps I missed. possibly this is not a winning combination. Heero and BatB Bats... that's just not on.

-I just acquired those last twenty-odd issues of Nightwing I did not possess. *devours*

-writing Kon is my new favorite thing. this worries me a little.


-well, no, that is not all, but that is all I am presently capable of. perhaps later there will be a post. of capslock. possibly.
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the good stuff
Luckily for Emerald Warriors, Tomasi seems to have an unending supply of excellent crack. When you've got Guy Gardner, Arisia and Killowog teaming up to take on the unexplored sectors, you've either got the best kind of crazy or the worst. So far, so good.

the weird stuff
Anyone who can come up with tiny titans and Evil Lunch Lady Darkseid has to be taking something. Darkseid calling Kalibak "his special little guy", and frying Dr. Light's brain with a pic of K's mom is either pure genius or complete insanity. I'm not sure which one Franco qualifies for, but I think I'd like a hit of whatever he's on.

the oh my god, get this dumbass to the ER, he just OD'd stuff
Beechen, stop pretending you're Frank Miller. Please. You're just embarrassing yourself and the rest of us, and if it's even possible to write Dick Grayson in particular and Batman Beyond in general more OOC than you're managing? I don't want to know about it.

apologies to marcelo for ganking his schtick: it just works so well.


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