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yuletide past:
Nowhere Special by kormantic
Blazing Saddles | Bart/Jim | pg | 548 words
note: I never knew I wanted this until I was reading it. ♥

yuletide present:
está muerto; no está muerto by anon
The Losers | gen | ensemble | pg | 1070 words
note: my Yuletide gift. short, awesome, unapologetic badassery: it's *exactly* what I wanted.

just because:
Yadda Yadda by museofspeed
DC/Marvel | Nightwing/Deadpool | nc-17 | 1103 words
note: Dick and Wade have a really chatty fight. so fucking IC it kills me. if this doesn't make you laugh your sense of humor has probably been surgically removed.
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In the name of spring cleaning, I edited my subscriptions list this morning. Dropped Batman Inc. because I just couldn't take it anymore. And the Lanterns are off until the newest event is over. Same with Flash, which is rolling over into Flashpoint. I'm getting some of the Flashpoint spinoffs (like the Flying Graysons one) and I'll buy the trades later if they look good, but for now I am really, really tired of comics crises.

So my list is nice and streamlined. Well... not really. It's pretty long. Lots of DC titles. Only one Marvel presently, but I'm thinking of branching out. More Amadeus Cho, Marvel, and I'll start buying.

I'm curious, which comics do you read? You, as in those of you populating my small corner of the world. Yeah, we're all comics fans, but how many comics do you as an individual comics reader (as opposed to a fandom unit) actually read in a month? Do you keep up by subscription? Do you walk into a store and buy on a regular basis or sporadically? Or do you just wait for the trades to come out?

Or do you read any at all? And if not, why the hell are you in comics fandom? If you want to tell me, I'd love to know. My list is here. Feel free to share yours. )
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Amadeus Cho is possibly my favorite character from anything, ever. He's smarter than Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake combined, snarkier than Jason Todd, he has a coyote pup for a pet, and his special power is being able to make things happen the way he wants them to because he's the seventh smartest person in the world and he can SEE MATH HAPPENING. He is amazing. And awesome. And a whole lot of other superlatives.

I promised Q his introductory story, and it's only eight pages, so I thought what the hell: I'll post it on my journal. Because more people should know and love this kid. So here. Mastermind Excello )
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detective comics 872
Jock's sketchy faces worked for Losers. They don't work for Dick Grayson and Babs Gordon, to say nothing of Tim Drake. Get a new artist pronto, DC, because seriously, no. Which sucks, because I am really liking Snyder's writing. He knows his readers, knows we want the Gotham detective, not this incorporated bs, and he's giving us what we want: Gotham crime-solving with Batfamily/Gordon interaction. ♥

teen titans 90
The ratio here is equal: bad/bad. TTs has never been more of a soap opera, and someone thinks it's a good idea to stick Rose and Damian together: what. Artwise, Scott's faces are too generic whitebread good-looking. She makes Kon look like a dumb but pretty jock, and for some reason, Cassie doesn't look quite right to me either. The only one she does really well is Bart, but then Bart has *always* been a pretty pretty princess, so her art suits him. The rest.... meh. Really close to dropping this title. -__-

the dark knight 1
Oh god, here we go with another "Bruce's lost loves, take five hundred and sixty three" story, and this one's been possibly sexually abused by her father, and definitely raped by Killer Croc. Fucking awesome. Not. Doesn't help that Williams' style is a lot like Jim Lee's: all the way through the issue I kept thinking, "Hey, ho, meet the new ASBAR." Ick. -__-

spidergirl 2


Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Seriously, I could stare at her in costume all *day* and not get tired of her character design. But I have to say, I'm really not happy that they're going the "Induce Torment Via Death of Parent" route with my girl. That just sucks, and you know, My Parents Are Dead? So last fifty years. Dudes, Bruce has you guys covered, you don't need to do that to anyone else. It's too early in the series to make any lasting judgments, so I'm going to hold off for a while. But really not happy about the dead father thing. o_O

Tangentially related in a comics way: does anyone know where Amadeus Cho is hiding his incredibly awesome self these days? I lost track of him after PoP, and I *need* some Cho bad.


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