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yuletide recs past and present (and one other just because)

yuletide past:
Nowhere Special by kormantic
Blazing Saddles | Bart/Jim | pg | 548 words
note: I never knew I wanted this until I was reading it. ♥

yuletide present:
está muerto; no está muerto by anon
The Losers | gen | ensemble | pg | 1070 words
note: my Yuletide gift. short, awesome, unapologetic badassery: it's *exactly* what I wanted.

just because:
Yadda Yadda by museofspeed
DC/Marvel | Nightwing/Deadpool | nc-17 | 1103 words
note: Dick and Wade have a really chatty fight. so fucking IC it kills me. if this doesn't make you laugh your sense of humor has probably been surgically removed.