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We were in basic together, on the same Away for a while. After the Tear, he was the only one I knew from before.

I never liked him much; pretty sure he hated my guts. Pulled his ass out of a sling a few times. He returned the favor. I didn’t have to like him.

“She was somebody’s kid,” I told him. “She had Proof of Life.”

He shrugged and swallowed the beer in his mouth. “Synth’s a Synth. You know that.” He turned his head to look at me, smiling, his kind of half smile that wrenched his scars into weird shapes. “Come on, Mag,” he said. “You know I wouldn’t fuck you over unless I had to.”

His elbow was on the bar, on a cleaner ring. He cocked his head and I looked at him, his crop, the skin tags... he was still GOV.

“You believe me, right?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. “I believe you.”

I shot him.
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2011 feels slow and sad and stupid without having gotten off the ground yet. But maybe that's the strep throat talking.

At least I'm writing. I know I haven't hit rock bottom if I can still write.

Do you guys ever feel like you have too many ideas and not enough working brain space? I write constantly, but I know I'll never get even a quarter of the ideas and plots that sleet through my skull down; I write fast because if I don't get one idea out quickly, I'll get distracted by another and never finish the first. I just keep writing until I finish something.

I've reworked head on the door *again*. Almost done with the next part, though, so I guess that's good. Concentration is my problem: my brain keeps trying to go in ten directions at once.


How is everyone? Is the new year treating you well?
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.01 Deadlines suck.

.02 See 01.

.03 After more than a year of retirement, Ichioku is still the best One Piece doujinshi circle around. I'd forgotten how damn good at the concept and execution of nakama Haga Inochi and Yamato are. The All series, Under Bar, and Tora 90113 are still the best One Piece stories in existence outside of Oda's brain. I've been reading them before I go to sleep, which helps with everything that's not awesome about my life.

.04 Nightwhisker (drawn for me by the wonderful [ profile] batstalker) helps with everything Ichioku misses.

.05 I wish I could focus on one thing at a time instead of having my brain hare off in ten directions at once. Inspiration is not my problem; it never has been. Completing something before I get distracted is my problem.

.06 I have a sequel to Road to Damascus outlined. Maybe I'll get it done for next year's [ profile] comicsbigbang.

.07 I also have the second part of Theory of Flight roughed in. I plan to finish it, after I finish a Dick/Jason story still hanging around. If I don't get distracted.

.08 That's the trick, isn't it?

.09 [personal profile] nakedbee made me an icon. Isn't it awesome? ♥


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