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Date Night
DC comics (vaguely current continuity) | Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Alfred Pennyworth, Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne | Dick/Tim | NC-17 | ~7500 words
notes: sequel to Prodigal. finally got off my butt and finished this. it's humor, action and smut, I guess? I figure since the reboot's going to revision present canon away, I might as well have fun while I can. so. what’s black and blue and red and green and yellow all over? )
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it's Timmy's birthday, so in honor of that, I'm posting this piece of weird porn I've had sitting on my hard drive for three months. go figure.

and one in the hand
DC comics, post-Fugitive | Dick Grayson/Tim Drake | NC-17 | ~5800 words
summary: Being a caped vigilante means never having to apologize. That’s the theory, anyway. )
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up listening before dawn and singing out after midnight
DC comics | Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon | Dick/Tim (sort of) | PG | ~8700 words
notes: Murderer/Fugitive era, lots of references to past canon, slightly AU timeline, old school birdboys. I’ve had this sitting on my hard drive for a while, mostly because I’m not sure if anyone else cares about old school birdboys anymore. I guess I still like Tim best in green, and I'll probably always think Dick looks better in black and blue and Bludhaven. )
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More Than Blood
DC comics | Dick Grayson/Tim Drake/Jason Todd | NC-17 | ~1600 words
warning: dub-con/non-con
notes: A Porn Battle XI entry that didn’t get done in time. The prompts I used were brothers, robins, negotiate. Fucked up does not even begin to cover this. )


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