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I have an unhealthy fixation on Jason Todd. I know it, I admit it, I embrace it. Not that I think anyone is particularly interested in my fixations, but the aforementioned is relevant in that it guaranteed I would watch Under the Red Hood, which in turn led to me having a thing or ten to say about same. Hence this post.

Because I am not, as I've already stated, rational on the subject of Jay, and I also take item #3 on this icon seriously, a glowing, five star rec is the one thing you won't find here. You will find a lot of bad language interspersed with a metric ton of pissed off, which won't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me. This is not me taking a stab at an unbiased review. This is me being biased as hell. This is me venting. This is me blowing off a twenty-one year old head of steam in one go. The result is not pretty, so if you're looking for upbeat, you might want to skip down to the second cut. If, however, you feel like metaphorically watching as I bang my head against the brick wall of my own bloodymindedness, knock yourself out. )

Those who'd prefer a real rec, have another animated thing that is animated. )


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