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-scanned Nightwing and Blue Beetle this morning: as soon as I get my thoughts together enough for commentary I'll post them.

-finally, *finally* writing comics stuff again. XMFC, yes, but also DCU. remember that BTAS/GK episode "Never Fear"? the one where Bruce's fear went bye-bye and he was really, *really* scary? well, I'm rewriting that with *Dick* (Nightwing Dick) getting hit instead of Bruce. the really fucked up thing? utterly fearless Dick? is *at least* as scary as Bruce.

-almost done with my Ace and Rouge AU. hee.

-I am writing for three fandoms at once. I don't think this has ever happened to me before. but I have that kind of attention span so I don't know why I'm surprised.

-this month has been a bitch, physically and professionally. I *think* next month will be better, but the thing is, I never *know*.
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I'm doing some thinking right now. about what I want from my writing, both fan and not. about what I want from fandom. whatever those things are, I'm not sure, but I want to find out. because I don't think I'm really getting them.

as of today, my lj and dw journals will be for fic only. and maybe scans once in a while. but other than that, I'm not really going to be interacting either place.

I *will* be on tumblr @ theydigthecape for comics and @ fuckyeahportgasdace for One Piece, which has sucked me back in, eaten my brain and taken over my life again. and you know? I couldn't be happier. OP has *always* made me happy even when it's busy tearing my heart out, and I need to be happy about fandom because there are so many unhappy things in my life and in life in general.

speaking of happy/amusing things. do I still have OP people on my list? do I have any fellow Ace fan(atic)s? if so, this one's for you. but why is the rum gone?

for my comics people, have a short Dick and Tim story from Batman 80 Page Giant 2. it's backstory, takes place while Dick is still wearing his Discowing suit and Tim is training to be Robin. it's one of my favorite Dick/Tim comics stories, hands down. so here's Footsteps. see you guys around sometime. )
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-It's October. Why do I feel like I have a summer cold? In other news, my sinuses just exploded. Ew.

-Remember this, from way back in May? )

Anyway, I signed up for [ profile] apocabigbang. I'm doomed.
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Over at scans_daily, comics geeks have lately been pondering that age old comics geek question: if you could, whose superpower would you gank? My top three:

.03 Green Lantern -- It is my secret ambition to fight intergalactic crime alongside Guy Gardner, except I'd probably get the red ring. On the other hand, so did he, and he still isn't one hundred percent green again. Still, um, dribbling a little red. And now Ganthet has him working with Atrocitus. OH WELL.
.02 Blue Beetle III -- So, so close to being my numero uno, because if you do not want Khaji-da welded to your spine, there is something very wrong with you.
.01 I wanna be Plastic Dude. The ability to make my body match what my mind tells me I am without fucking my health six ways to Sunday via surgery? Sign me up. Also, sky-diving. You are your own parachute. 'Nuff said.

So what's your superpower poison, and why? (It can be anything from any comic/manga/movie/book/etc.) Entertain me, flist, for I am bored and failing at writing.

In other news, Batman: the Brave and the Bold is like fresh raspberries dipped in crack. Can't. Stop. Watching. In addition, Batman astral projecting, hanging with Deadman, and commandeering Speedy's body? Never not awesome. Just saying.


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