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always with the Dick jokes ([personal profile] irrelevant) wrote2011-10-29 04:19 pm
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my brain works in no particular order

-scanned Nightwing and Blue Beetle this morning: as soon as I get my thoughts together enough for commentary I'll post them.

-finally, *finally* writing comics stuff again. XMFC, yes, but also DCU. remember that BTAS/GK episode "Never Fear"? the one where Bruce's fear went bye-bye and he was really, *really* scary? well, I'm rewriting that with *Dick* (Nightwing Dick) getting hit instead of Bruce. the really fucked up thing? utterly fearless Dick? is *at least* as scary as Bruce.

-almost done with my Ace and Rouge AU. hee.

-I am writing for three fandoms at once. I don't think this has ever happened to me before. but I have that kind of attention span so I don't know why I'm surprised.

-this month has been a bitch, physically and professionally. I *think* next month will be better, but the thing is, I never *know*.

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