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because there are many awesome ladies in my life, and I should say so more often.

say it to [ profile] paikan because she's beauty and intelligence and patience. because she has more health problems than she can shake a stick at and she rises above them with a grace I can't manage on my best day. because I have this feeling that she watches me jump from fandom to fandom in bewildered amusement, shaking her head and laughing at me, because she is my friend even when we don't talk for forever, because one of these days we're going to make it to Comicon together, damn it. because she knows what it's like never knowing if your brain and body are going to work right, because she's lived through that with me and didn't kill me, because she's been there herself. because she's the D to my S, because we're SD girls, because she's summer and she needs heat like I need water. say it because she's lovely and loving and I love her.

say it to [personal profile] quakey because she's my brain twin separated at birth, because she got most of the brains and I need her to fill up the spaces in mine. because she's Rodney to my John and the universe should be grateful we don't live in the same state, much less the same town, because if I'm the rock, she's the hard place, and the space in between us is a dangerous space to be. because she has minions and she's going to take over the world with Scrum, because she simultaneously fangirls and laughs at engineers who love batteries too much. because she thinks Jaime Reyes is the shit, because she really is my Q, and she's got the toys to prove it, and because fuck, she's just one of the best things in my life.

say it to [ profile] batstalker because she is laughter and love and the most adorable Timmy-bird ever. because she RPs Nightwhisker, birdie Tim and Kuppy with me at two o'clock in the morning when we're both drunk on silliness and misspelling every other word, we're that tired. because she draws emotion so effortlessly she's raised adorable to an art form, because talking to her for five minutes is like getting hit with a week's worth of endorphins, because she makes me want to write sweet happy things for her because she's the anthropomorphic manifestation of happiness and the thought of her being sad is like graffiti on the Sistine Chapel. because I think I'd do anything to be the kind of person she thinks I am, she is just that awesome.

say it to [personal profile] gloss because she exists. because I don't think there's a kinder, more tolerant, more understanding person on this intolerant planet. because if she isn't fandom's conscience she should be, because she believes in thinking before she speaks or acts because she doesn't want to hurt anyone unintentionally that badly. say it because she writes prose like other people write poetry; because she pulls out all the raw, hurting places in her characters and lances them with her words; because she writes porn that is so much more than porn even when it's smoking; because reading her makes me look closer and harder and more clearly at myself and my life and other people. say it because she is a beautiful individual and a wonderful friend. say it because she deserves to hear it.

all of you deserve to hear it, so here's me saying it. to every single other person on my flist, I ♥ you all: you are individually and collectively the definition of awesome.


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