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with the kisses of his mouth
DCAU | Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson (Batman/Robin) | R | ~5100 words
notes: For [personal profile] just_kazari, prompt: pressure. Robin’s Reckoning tag, because apparently, I can’t leave well enough alone. )
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DC comics (vaguely current continuity) | Dick/Tim | NC-17 | ~4100 words
summary: Batman and Robin. Sort of. He’s in so much trouble. )
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after the fact
Justice League/BTAS (DCAU) | Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Shayera Hol | Batman/Superman | PG-13 | ~6900 words
notes: The DCAU is where I learned to love Clark Kent, and Hereafter is my favorite Superman-oriented animated Justice League storyline. The scenes that really get to me, though, are Batman-centric. Batman picking up that shred of Superman’s cape, carrying it around like a talisman. Bruce talking to Clark’s empty grave. I guess a fic tag seemed like a good idea?
summary: They kicked Lobo to the curb, found the Atom and saved the world. Life should be back to normal, but Clark’s not sure all of him made it back from the future. Which seems like as good a reason as any to watch his funeral. Or not. )
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First fic post of the new year. Hopefully it won't be the last.

Scars Revisited
Batman Beyond (DCAU) | Terry McGinnis, Maxine Gibson, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Ace the Bathound | PG | ~7400 words
notes: BB gen for Alcyone, Yuletide 2010. Major thanks to [ profile] quakey for taking the time to beta this while fighting off a really nasty cold. Animated continuity only, BTAS tie-in (Old Wounds). (Things change. Except when they don't.)


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