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-Young Justice re-read, day one. I'm going to be doing this over on my tumblr possibly for the rest of the summer. I'm also doing Ace's cover arc. that's One Piece, for the uninitiated, pfffft.

-I want to do Steph/Damian and Bruce/Jason themed tumblr weeks. SHARE YOUR FAVORITE LINKS FOR THESE AWESOME SHIPS WITH ME SO I CAN SHARE THEM WITH EVERYONE ELSE. these shiny things do not get enough exposure. therefore I will expose them. explicitly. =P

-I am procrastinating ridiculous amounts over one last scene in my Prodigal sequel. it's a porn scene. of course. you know, one of these days I'm just going to stop writing porn at all. I don't enjoy reading or writing it anymore. anyway, tell me to get off my butt and get it done, guys. I want to finish the stupid thing before teh Reboot comes around.

-the smoldering One Piece torch I've been carrying around for almost three years (might as well call it Ace) finally burst into flame again. this weekend alone I think I spent around six hundred bucks on POP and doujinshi. it was awesome. also, Strong World Ace? holy shit. mine just shipped this morning.

-I am also (dun dun dun, go *away* Klarion) working on The Rock again for the first time in three years. it's AU from manga 516, but I edited the crap out of it last weekend, bringing it more up to date with canon backstory and characterization, and I'm pretty much rewriting what I had for the next part from scratch. I know where I'm going with it, I know the end. and it's going to be longer than I predicted. also, more gen than ship fic. I guess I should have expected that. I am the queen of the rewrite. oy.

-I am back into my size six jeans. this makes me feel happier. lighter. floaty. something like that.

anyway, for those of you who don't tumble, have a few scans from YJ 1. remember when Tim was cute and funny and dorky instead of a kind of dickish Marty Stu? remember when Kon had a personality? REMEMBER WHEN BART WAS IMPULSE? you don't? well, I do. )
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-recent LJ writer's block question:
What's the one question you would like to ask if the answer were guaranteed to be correct?

I'd ask Bill Kane what the hell he was thinking when he put Dick in the short shorts. yeah, I already know all the official answers and unofficial speculation. but I'd love to know the truth, even if it was just a blank look and "It seemed like a good idea at the time?"

-Jay (esp. pre-Crisis) is my favorite Robin, but I write him rarely, possibly because the more something or someone means to me, the less likely I am to mess with it. so it makes me unbelievably happy that my RtD sequel revolves around pre-Crisis him. ♥

-California is just now getting the summer we didn't have in July and August. my brain is heat-melted sludge: if I seem even more uncommunicative than normal, that's why.

-when my brain is sludge, I watch 'toons. currently, I'm rewatching Gundam Wing from the beginning, and gulping down those Batman: the Brave and the Bold eps I missed. possibly this is not a winning combination. Heero and BatB Bats... that's just not on.

-I just acquired those last twenty-odd issues of Nightwing I did not possess. *devours*

-writing Kon is my new favorite thing. this worries me a little.


-well, no, that is not all, but that is all I am presently capable of. perhaps later there will be a post. of capslock. possibly.


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