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I recently wrote in a comment that my reactions to the DC reboot are a mixed bag. Some of them are positive, some neutral, some negative. But nothing has affected me more than the Batgirl debate, and my unhappy reaction there is on behalf of both Barbara Gordon and Stephanie Brown.

So for what it’s worth, my two cents. )

eta: In other, better news Jaime is IN. See what I mean? So much happy and unhappy in one place. DC really does love to jerk me around.
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You Can Leave Your Mask On
Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, Wendy Harris | PG | ~3400 words
notes: Inspired by the way so many superheroes seem to sit around in diners and cafes talking blithely about their ‘other’ lives without a thought for who might be listening. Also, I really like these two doing their crimefighting thing together, but I know it's an acquired taste. If don't you want to read, I'll understand. A little serious plus lot of not so much. Steph and Damian being, um, Steph and Damian. )
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I am feeling postful this week, which I suppose could be attributed to input, aka I'm actually reading things on the intarwebz. Things like S_D posts, this one in particular.

I was pretty meh about the choices presented, which got me thinking, well, what makes a moment memorable? It's very subjective. It's all about personal experience and preference.

Memorability has, for me, very little to do with dramatic effect or world-bending events. Humor and irony are my impact zones, and my memorable comics moments are those in which my favorite characters do things that make me think, YES THIS HOMG, and then laugh my butt off.

Which is why this is my current most memorable moment for a female DCU character. Well, that and pretty much every Anger Girl moment ever. *grin*

What's yours?


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