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don’t Bogart the Bat logo, dude
DC comics | Tim Drake/Kon-El | NC-17 | ~4800 words
notes: For Meg, the [ profile] batstalker, with ♥. Her prompt was boxers. This is… smutty humor, I guess. Humorous smut? Also, yes, I really am this juvenile. Then again, so is Conner, so it’s all good somewhere. )
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Non-Public Displays of Affection
DCU | Tim Drake/Kon-el | NC-17 | ~4700 words
notes: As always, the Tim/Kon is for Meg. This story is part of the Four Times Red Robin Didn’t Hug Superboy universe, but it also works fine as a standalone. You don’t need to have read that fic to read this one.
summary: It’s all about the shirt. No, really )
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Four Times Red Robin Didn’t Hug Superboy (and one time Kon hugged Tim)
DCU | PG-13 | Tim Drake/Kon-el, various Bats, Teen Titans, and friends of Bats
notes: Sequel of a sort to between two points. Future fic, vaguely follows the current timeline. For Meg, with ♥. I’m sorry this is so late, dearest, but I think all the extra RPing made it better than it would have been. Hope it works for you.
summary: Does what it says on the tin. The serious, it does not live here. Okay, some serious, because, you know, Tim, but this is mainly humor, folks. )


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