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I could say all of BTAS, but that wouldn't be very helpful. I'm splitting this into two sections: Batverse Big Bads introductory stories, and my personal favorites. The categories overlap some, though one is not necessarily equal to the other. However, Batman's main villains are important to his mythos, in the DCAU as much as anywhere else. Viewing their DCAU beginnings is a good idea if you want to get a feel for their characterization in the series. Jsyk, there are spoilers under these cuts. Lots and lots of them. )

Personal recs here. You'll notice Robin appears in most of them. )
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BTAS -- Gotham Knights in particular -- is full of painful episodes, but for me, Old Wounds tops the list. It's the big gut punch: Batman and Robin's break-up episode. )
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with the kisses of his mouth
DCAU | Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson (Batman/Robin) | R | ~5100 words
notes: For [personal profile] just_kazari, prompt: pressure. Robin’s Reckoning tag, because apparently, I can’t leave well enough alone. )
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I'm not usually a Bruce/Dick shipper, but BTAS -- the DCAU in general -- has a way of raising my non-ships from the bottom of the ocean and making them seaworthy. I'll give you three guesses why and the first two don't count; if you don't already know how I feel about Kevin Conroy, you haven't been paying attention to this journal.

Sins of the Father is one of the best animated episodes of anything, ever: it's Tim's intro into the DCAU and a great story in general. But for all that it's Tim's story, it's also an important tripwire on the Bruce/Dick obstacle course of pain. Because everything important about Bruce and Dick's relationship is encapsulated into a few tiny seconds at the very end of the episode, the success of which feat lands almost completely on Kevin Conroy.

Because Kevin? Has the Voice.

I don't know how he does it, but his inflections are rich enough to write into one word, one *name* an entire dissertation on twisted, tortured, fucked up love. All he says is, "Dick." And dear god, it's all he *needs* to say. Every time I want to get a handle on Bruce and Dick, I go back and watch, listen to that little bubble of sound and freaking die. Nnnnnngh.
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after the fact
Justice League/BTAS (DCAU) | Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Shayera Hol | Batman/Superman | PG-13 | ~6900 words
notes: The DCAU is where I learned to love Clark Kent, and Hereafter is my favorite Superman-oriented animated Justice League storyline. The scenes that really get to me, though, are Batman-centric. Batman picking up that shred of Superman’s cape, carrying it around like a talisman. Bruce talking to Clark’s empty grave. I guess a fic tag seemed like a good idea?
summary: They kicked Lobo to the curb, found the Atom and saved the world. Life should be back to normal, but Clark’s not sure all of him made it back from the future. Which seems like as good a reason as any to watch his funeral. Or not. )


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