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you know that place your brain goes when you're almost done with a story and you have one part and maybe five hundred words left to write; the blank dragging place that feels like drugged sleep, and staring at the screen feels like the end of being up for forty-eight hours straight, and then you realize that's because you *have* been up that long, but you still can't make yourself shut down the computer and go pass out?

um. yeah.

...hi. I think I still have a brain. somewhere.
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Date Night
DC comics (vaguely current continuity) | Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Alfred Pennyworth, Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne | Dick/Tim | NC-17 | ~7500 words
notes: sequel to Prodigal. finally got off my butt and finished this. it's humor, action and smut, I guess? I figure since the reboot's going to revision present canon away, I might as well have fun while I can. so. what’s black and blue and red and green and yellow all over? )
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it's Timmy's birthday, so in honor of that, I'm posting this piece of weird porn I've had sitting on my hard drive for three months. go figure.

and one in the hand
DC comics, post-Fugitive | Dick Grayson/Tim Drake | NC-17 | ~5800 words
summary: Being a caped vigilante means never having to apologize. That’s the theory, anyway. )
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and given unto
One Piece | Dragon, Sabo, Ace, Luffy, Dadan | g | 669 words
notes: ASL fixit fic. I like to torture myself with what-ifs. )
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I'm doing some thinking right now. about what I want from my writing, both fan and not. about what I want from fandom. whatever those things are, I'm not sure, but I want to find out. because I don't think I'm really getting them.

as of today, my lj and dw journals will be for fic only. and maybe scans once in a while. but other than that, I'm not really going to be interacting either place.

I *will* be on tumblr @ theydigthecape for comics and @ fuckyeahportgasdace for One Piece, which has sucked me back in, eaten my brain and taken over my life again. and you know? I couldn't be happier. OP has *always* made me happy even when it's busy tearing my heart out, and I need to be happy about fandom because there are so many unhappy things in my life and in life in general.

speaking of happy/amusing things. do I still have OP people on my list? do I have any fellow Ace fan(atic)s? if so, this one's for you. but why is the rum gone?

for my comics people, have a short Dick and Tim story from Batman 80 Page Giant 2. it's backstory, takes place while Dick is still wearing his Discowing suit and Tim is training to be Robin. it's one of my favorite Dick/Tim comics stories, hands down. so here's Footsteps. see you guys around sometime. )
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-Young Justice re-read, day one. I'm going to be doing this over on my tumblr possibly for the rest of the summer. I'm also doing Ace's cover arc. that's One Piece, for the uninitiated, pfffft.

-I want to do Steph/Damian and Bruce/Jason themed tumblr weeks. SHARE YOUR FAVORITE LINKS FOR THESE AWESOME SHIPS WITH ME SO I CAN SHARE THEM WITH EVERYONE ELSE. these shiny things do not get enough exposure. therefore I will expose them. explicitly. =P

-I am procrastinating ridiculous amounts over one last scene in my Prodigal sequel. it's a porn scene. of course. you know, one of these days I'm just going to stop writing porn at all. I don't enjoy reading or writing it anymore. anyway, tell me to get off my butt and get it done, guys. I want to finish the stupid thing before teh Reboot comes around.

-the smoldering One Piece torch I've been carrying around for almost three years (might as well call it Ace) finally burst into flame again. this weekend alone I think I spent around six hundred bucks on POP and doujinshi. it was awesome. also, Strong World Ace? holy shit. mine just shipped this morning.

-I am also (dun dun dun, go *away* Klarion) working on The Rock again for the first time in three years. it's AU from manga 516, but I edited the crap out of it last weekend, bringing it more up to date with canon backstory and characterization, and I'm pretty much rewriting what I had for the next part from scratch. I know where I'm going with it, I know the end. and it's going to be longer than I predicted. also, more gen than ship fic. I guess I should have expected that. I am the queen of the rewrite. oy.

-I am back into my size six jeans. this makes me feel happier. lighter. floaty. something like that.

anyway, for those of you who don't tumble, have a few scans from YJ 1. remember when Tim was cute and funny and dorky instead of a kind of dickish Marty Stu? remember when Kon had a personality? REMEMBER WHEN BART WAS IMPULSE? you don't? well, I do. )


Jun. 26th, 2011 12:16 pm
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somehow, support still can't tell me how or why, my tumblr was hacked and used for 'malicious purposes'. so I have deleted it and started over. I am now theydigthecape over thar. if you don't mind getting spammed by comics scans, feel free to add me.

this coming week's spammage theme: Young Justice. the *first* one. there will be Steph and Dick as well, because I adore them beyond all reason. and posting Steph makes me especially happy, and right now I need some happy.
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I have arbitrarily declared this to be the Week of Steph. which means I'm going to be spamming my watchers with scans of Steph as Batgirl, Robin and Spoiler for seven days.

luckily sadly, I'm not going to be doing that on either of my journals, but if you want to watch, you can catch the spammage over there. and since I'm already at it, here. have a few pages from Robin 25. )
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up listening before dawn and singing out after midnight
DC comics | Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon | Dick/Tim (sort of) | PG | ~8700 words
notes: Murderer/Fugitive era, lots of references to past canon, slightly AU timeline, old school birdboys. I’ve had this sitting on my hard drive for a while, mostly because I’m not sure if anyone else cares about old school birdboys anymore. I guess I still like Tim best in green, and I'll probably always think Dick looks better in black and blue and Bludhaven. )
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I recently wrote in a comment that my reactions to the DC reboot are a mixed bag. Some of them are positive, some neutral, some negative. But nothing has affected me more than the Batgirl debate, and my unhappy reaction there is on behalf of both Barbara Gordon and Stephanie Brown.

So for what it’s worth, my two cents. )

eta: In other, better news Jaime is IN. See what I mean? So much happy and unhappy in one place. DC really does love to jerk me around.
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The good: It looks like Dick and Jay are each getting their own title.

The bad: Putting Babs back in the mask is one of the dumbest things DC has done to date, and not just because Steph does not deserve this shit.

The ugly: If there's something worse than Judd Winick getting his hands on Selina Kyle, I can't think of it at the moment.

So. Mixed feelings about so much. I'm not going to stop buying Bat comics: I *can't*. And I don't think the reboot is going to make me *completely* unhappy. But there's so much that *is* going to make me unhappy, that I just...

I don't know. I don't know how to feel about any of it, really.
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Yesterday I found a VF copy of Birds of Prey 8 for $10. Yeah, still kind of floored by that...

Anyway, in honor of that rather surprising find, more scans, Nightwing this time. This is Dick being... Dick. Which is always awesome and quite often amusing, if not for the people who love him. )
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lines in sand
DCU | Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd | G | ~1250 words
notes: A follow-up to [ profile] saavikam77’s Above Ground, written with her permission. Tim and Bruce have a conversation. Sort of. )
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for want of a nail
DC comics | Batman/Robin (Bruce/Steph) | R | 641 words
If Steph as Bruce's Robin isn't the best thing ever, it's pretty damn close. )

DC comics | Dick/Tim | G | 365 words
Post Clench (Batman: Contagion). After that last fight with Catwoman. )

DC comics | Tim Drake, Damian Wayne | G | 654 words
Damian has chicken pox. Tim has a bottle of calamine. )
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In the name of spring cleaning, I edited my subscriptions list this morning. Dropped Batman Inc. because I just couldn't take it anymore. And the Lanterns are off until the newest event is over. Same with Flash, which is rolling over into Flashpoint. I'm getting some of the Flashpoint spinoffs (like the Flying Graysons one) and I'll buy the trades later if they look good, but for now I am really, really tired of comics crises.

So my list is nice and streamlined. Well... not really. It's pretty long. Lots of DC titles. Only one Marvel presently, but I'm thinking of branching out. More Amadeus Cho, Marvel, and I'll start buying.

I'm curious, which comics do you read? You, as in those of you populating my small corner of the world. Yeah, we're all comics fans, but how many comics do you as an individual comics reader (as opposed to a fandom unit) actually read in a month? Do you keep up by subscription? Do you walk into a store and buy on a regular basis or sporadically? Or do you just wait for the trades to come out?

Or do you read any at all? And if not, why the hell are you in comics fandom? If you want to tell me, I'd love to know. My list is here. Feel free to share yours. )
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-yet another vanishing act. just call me annataz gnikcaerf.

-still alive. I guess. sort of. this is apparently not my year for good health.

-still reading comics. atm that's about all I'm doing. well, that and bitching about comics, but you know, goes without saying, although I'll say it anyway, amongst a lot of other things.

-like, I was right about Nicieza: he's making me dislike Tim Drake. I want him to go away. back to Marvel or something, I don't care as long as he gets off the Red Robin title.

-but Bryan Q. Miller can keep writing Batgirl until the cows come home or hell freezes over, whichever one comes last. dude, that guy? loves Steph at least as much as I do. ♥

-RtD sequel (working title In Winter) is in a holding pattern until my body stops giving me hell. still writing, but sporadically. my discipline is shot, along with my sleep schedule.

-War of the Green Lanterns. ugh. can we just *stop* with the events? I mean Flashpoint is coming up, and yeah, parts of it look cool, but I'm really, *really* tired of comics events. I just want some straight up in-title continuity. stories that belong in the titles I read; that's why I *buy* the damn things.

-which is why 'Tec Comics is presently making me happy. Jason is the brother of my heart and Bruce is my male alter ego, but Dick? ah god, Dick is my love, my adored one, my preciousssss, and Detective Comics is all about Dick, and also it's still got the heart and soul of Batman in it, the Gotham *detective* part that makes Batman Batman. all the other Bat titles have really lost the old feel. the essence of Batman has become so watered down thanks to Daniel and Morrison, and I think the editors have lost their grip on what *counts* in the main Bat titles. so thank god for Scott Snyder, and whoever gave him Detective. really, if you're not reading it, you're missing out. he's going to be working Gates of Gotham as well, and I've heard he's interested in writing Jay. jesus please yes.


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