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2013-05-04 12:29 pm

fic: pigmentation (marvel)

pigmentation (chromatophoria)
mcu/616 . ar fusion . Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, ensemble . r-ish . 4k+
sometimes i think, today i will write something cheerful. and then i don’t.
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2013-01-29 05:49 pm
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fic: muscle memory

muscle memory
dc comics | canon au | Jason Todd/Dick Grayson | r | ~2.4k words
n: for Porn Battle XIV, prompts - beg, sweat, breath, knife, red & blue, incestuous, history, grin. this kind of got out of hand. idek.
s: She pushes him off a cliff and Jason goes back. He doesn't go back to Bruce.
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2013-01-27 04:30 am
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fic: give up your mouth

give up your mouth (i’ll show you your damage)
dcu/marvel comics | twt, fusion | James Buchanan Barnes, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson | r | ~3k words
this is what happens when i try to write something for fun. i should stop doing that.
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2012-12-25 01:47 pm

bah humbug

what do you do when someone reposts your fic to their site without your permission?
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2012-10-09 04:01 pm
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fic: by their own suggestions fell

by their own suggestions fell banner

Prometheus | Elizabeth Shaw, David 8 | r | weird, dark and creepy, possible body horror i guess? | ~20k words

fic: @AO3
art: @lj

i am so bloody glad i'm finished with this you have no idea.
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2012-08-17 05:13 pm
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truth... or all... or one. and I am you.

I never did get all the way into Fullmetal Alchemist the first time round, maybe because I started with the anime and it was so... uneven. some really good stuff mixed in with some terrible no-good bad, and there were other, better things to watch, so I let it fall by the wayside and then didn't bother with the manga. but I was told by more than one person that the second go-round, Brotherhood, was supposedly much better, especially given that it covered the manga in full, so I bought the first season then promptly forgot about it. it sat on my shelf unwatched until last week when I bought the second season and decided to mainline the entire series in two days.

well I really didn't *decide* to, it just happened because FMA:Brotherhood is just that good. if it'd been a manga, I wouldn't've been able to put it down, which is why I've finally got round to the manga itself, which I've kind of devoured already and am already re-reading because. so good.

it's no wonder I'm a total Greed fan, huh?

actually, a fan across the board. Arakawa's characters are three-dimensional and human whether they're humans or not, her storyline is one of the most imaginative I've ever run across, and well, FMA is just a damned good story well told, and the Brotherhood anime is one of the best I've seen in... you know, I don't really know how long. I don't really need to give a summary, do I? most of you are anime fans and most anime fans have some idea of what FMA is about, I think, so I guess this is a suggestion to those who've maybe been thinking about watching and putting it off the way I did: do so no longer, seriously. it'll ruin your life in the best way and, if you're me, kick your writer's block to the kerb. my brain just does not want to leave Pride and his mum alone, to say nothing of Ed's final sacrifice, fml.
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2012-07-22 12:07 pm
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fic: the last man on the moon

Art Prompt Title: 1067
Art link: @tumblr
Artist: [profile] crow821

last man banner

Fic Title: the last man on the moon
Author: [profile] sans_pertinence
X-Men Verse: x-men:first class/x-men comics au fusion
Characters/Pairings: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier (sort of), Armando Muñoz, Raven Darkholme, Emma Frost, Hank McCoy, Azazel, Moira MacTaggert, Xi'an Coy Manh, Ororo Munroe, Petra, Logan, Kurt Wagner, Forge, Irene Adler, Angel Salvadore, etc.
Rating: pg
Word Count: 18k+
Warnings: um. comics!science and creative quotation mark abuse?

Summary: Nixon. Lennon. Hamburger Hill. Woodstock. Cambodia. Tommy. Stonewall. Manson. Zeppelin. My Lai. Apollo 11. It's 1969. Seven years can be a very long time.
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2012-06-19 03:38 pm

fic: Tactile

prometheus | Elizabeth Shaw, David 8 | g | ~1.1k words | 'Don't look at me.'

still not done, apparently. also, I seem to have a new fandom. just hell.
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2012-06-12 01:38 pm
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[fic] we are each the sum of our own devising

prometheus | Elizabeth Shaw/David 8 | pg-13 | ~2.4k words
coda, extremely creepy. probably won’t make sense if you haven’t actually seen the film. 'What is a soul, Dr Shaw? What makes it a soul?'

thank god that's out of my head, it was seriously fucking with me. maybe now I can finish my reversebang.
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2012-06-11 08:35 am

a wild hair suddenly appears, er... suddenly.

they're *yawn* rebooting Spiderman. again.


the only way they'd get my attention is by rebooting the backstory. like, a Spidey of Latin American descent. or hey, you know, they could do a Latina Spider-Girl. THERE ARE PRECEDENTS GOD DAMNIT.

but then, I am probably biased. I mean, Jaime Reyes. Anya Corazon. it's hard *not* to be biased.

also, you know who the coolest XMFC mutant was? Armando fucking Muñoz. and they fried him halfway through the picture.

tangentially related, while I'm on the subject, at the end of XMFC, the lineup of supposedly "good" mutants was as follows:

Charles Xavier
Hank McCoy
Alex Summers
Sean Cassidy

talk about your bastions of anglo-saxon male hegemony. all the women/people of colour were on the "bad" team. to be clear: I'm not saying I disagreed with them for being there because yes, Magneto was right and Erik was *clearly* the better choice and doing so proved their good judgment. in fact, afaic, Erik's side is in the right and Charles' entourage would obviously take their brains out and play with them if they had any.

I have to wonder, was this deliberate? were the screenwriters/director/whoever trying to make a convoluted yet politically relevant statement?

...yeah, no, I kind of doubt it. most people don't think in double helices corkscrews.
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2012-02-19 06:42 pm
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[fic] down together

down together
xmfc/shame/dcu(Bats) | au fusion | Charles Xavier, Brandon Sullivan, Raven Darkholme, Erik Lehnsherr, Barbara Gordon, Moira MacTaggert, Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Emma Frost, Pamela Isley, Armando Muñoz, Angel Salvadore | Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier | nc-17 | ~25500 words
this is weird and experimental and fucked up and I'm posting because I'm tired of obsessing over it. I'm not putting warnings on this disaster, but consider the fandoms before you decide to read. @ AO3
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2012-01-17 10:07 pm

didn't see that coming

I saw Shame on Sunday. it was exactly what I needed to see. it was gloriously horrible. it wrecked me.

eventually there will be fic.

it will probably be fucked up beyond belief.

cross out probably.

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2012-01-03 11:37 am
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[fic] Blue Monday

Blue Monday
Batman Beyond/Blue Beetle fusion | gen | Matt McGinnis, Max Gibson, Miguel Diaz, Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne, Wally West, Ace | PG | ~11800 words | written for Yuletide 2011 | @ AO3
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2011-12-30 10:36 am
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yuletide recs past and present (and one other just because)

yuletide past:
Nowhere Special by kormantic
Blazing Saddles | Bart/Jim | pg | 548 words
note: I never knew I wanted this until I was reading it. ♥

yuletide present:
está muerto; no está muerto by anon
The Losers | gen | ensemble | pg | 1070 words
note: my Yuletide gift. short, awesome, unapologetic badassery: it's *exactly* what I wanted.

just because:
Yadda Yadda by museofspeed
DC/Marvel | Nightwing/Deadpool | nc-17 | 1103 words
note: Dick and Wade have a really chatty fight. so fucking IC it kills me. if this doesn't make you laugh your sense of humor has probably been surgically removed.
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2011-11-02 04:25 am
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[fic] exigencies

X-Men: First Class | Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, ensemble | dub-con | r | ~5300 words
this fic is quite possibly what happens when humor and mindfuck have a quickie up against a washing machine in an all night laundromat. which actually describes about three-quarters of my writing. it doesn’t count as a do-over if you never do anything differently.
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2011-10-29 04:19 pm
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my brain works in no particular order

-scanned Nightwing and Blue Beetle this morning: as soon as I get my thoughts together enough for commentary I'll post them.

-finally, *finally* writing comics stuff again. XMFC, yes, but also DCU. remember that BTAS/GK episode "Never Fear"? the one where Bruce's fear went bye-bye and he was really, *really* scary? well, I'm rewriting that with *Dick* (Nightwing Dick) getting hit instead of Bruce. the really fucked up thing? utterly fearless Dick? is *at least* as scary as Bruce.

-almost done with my Ace and Rouge AU. hee.

-I am writing for three fandoms at once. I don't think this has ever happened to me before. but I have that kind of attention span so I don't know why I'm surprised.

-this month has been a bitch, physically and professionally. I *think* next month will be better, but the thing is, I never *know*.
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2011-10-18 03:37 pm
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[fic] those who help themselves

those who help themselves
X-Men: First Class | Moira MacTaggert, Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr | pg | ~1400 words
notes: I’m still learning this version of these characters, so forgive me if I fumble them a little. slightly overwritten canon, though not in any way that changes the big picture. you don’t become one of the CIA’s two existing female field operatives by being stupid.
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2011-08-23 06:51 pm

I am nothing if not random

I get so frustrated with my brain and my writing and the English language. I always feel like... WRITING: UR DOIN IT WRONG. like there's a better way to get my point across, a better grouping of words, a better way of positioning them to make them feel right and look right and say exactly what I want them to. like somewhere in my brain a switch is turned off and I just need to find it and turn it on and writing will happen the way I want it to.

which is bullshit, but I can't help *feeling* that way.