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a wild hair suddenly appears, er... suddenly.

they're *yawn* rebooting Spiderman. again.


the only way they'd get my attention is by rebooting the backstory. like, a Spidey of Latin American descent. or hey, you know, they could do a Latina Spider-Girl. THERE ARE PRECEDENTS GOD DAMNIT.

but then, I am probably biased. I mean, Jaime Reyes. Anya Corazon. it's hard *not* to be biased.

also, you know who the coolest XMFC mutant was? Armando fucking Muñoz. and they fried him halfway through the picture.

tangentially related, while I'm on the subject, at the end of XMFC, the lineup of supposedly "good" mutants was as follows:

Charles Xavier
Hank McCoy
Alex Summers
Sean Cassidy

talk about your bastions of anglo-saxon male hegemony. all the women/people of colour were on the "bad" team. to be clear: I'm not saying I disagreed with them for being there because yes, Magneto was right and Erik was *clearly* the better choice and doing so proved their good judgment. in fact, afaic, Erik's side is in the right and Charles' entourage would obviously take their brains out and play with them if they had any.

I have to wonder, was this deliberate? were the screenwriters/director/whoever trying to make a convoluted yet politically relevant statement?

...yeah, no, I kind of doubt it. most people don't think in double helices corkscrews.
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An Anya movie, directed by the woman who directed The Runaways, is my favorite daydream.

Also, this is tangential, but I am so sick *already* of movieverse Avengers' utter whiteness. ):
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A new Jaime comic (preferably by John Rogers?) would be such a great and lovely thing. He is so great.

I have two people I follow who are really into Avengers, but I've known them a while, so I can hardly unfollow. But I'm so, so sick of it - I've been sick of it since before the Cap movie, so it's just getting worse and worse. It's so weird and hard, having spent a good chunk of time and emotional energy on some of these characters, only to see them suddenly get big and popular in nearly unrecognizable guises. *cry*