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fic: the last man on the moon

Art Prompt Title: 1067
Art link: @tumblr
Artist: [profile] crow821

last man banner

Fic Title: the last man on the moon
Author: [profile] sans_pertinence
X-Men Verse: x-men:first class/x-men comics au fusion
Characters/Pairings: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier (sort of), Armando Muñoz, Raven Darkholme, Emma Frost, Hank McCoy, Azazel, Moira MacTaggert, Xi'an Coy Manh, Ororo Munroe, Petra, Logan, Kurt Wagner, Forge, Irene Adler, Angel Salvadore, etc.
Rating: pg
Word Count: 18k+
Warnings: um. comics!science and creative quotation mark abuse?

Summary: Nixon. Lennon. Hamburger Hill. Woodstock. Cambodia. Tommy. Stonewall. Manson. Zeppelin. My Lai. Apollo 11. It's 1969. Seven years can be a very long time.

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